Do I need an appointment? 
We provide walk in service.  There are no appointments necessary.

How long does an inspection take?
Once a vehicle enters our bay, the process takes about 20 minutes for a vehicle that passes.

Why do I have to pay for a failed inspection?
The fee is for the service of the vehicle inspection to ensure it is in compliance with New Hampshire State Law.  The fee is not for a sticker, even though a sticker is issued upon passing the inspection.

What happens if I fail?
The technician will give you a written list of the repairs that need to be completed before the vehicle can be issued a pass sticker.  The technician will give you the option of looking at what repairs need to be completed.

Why do I have to have the vehicle re-inspected after I have the repair completed, and why am I charged again?
The technician must re-inspect, not to try and find other issues, but to confirm that all the problems were corrected properly. 
The fee will be discounted if the customer returns within14 days and all repairs are completed. The customer will be recharged if the vehicle returns after 14 days or if repairs are not completed properly.

What do I need to have in order to have my vehicle inspected?

The car must be registered and must meet the safety requirement listed in the State of New Hampshire Inspection Manual.

What is head lamp restoration?

Instead of replacing headlamps, which is costly, headlamp restoration is a multi-step process we use to restore deteriorated and discolored headlamp covers damaged from UV rays and the outside elements.